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De Klimboom is een kindcentrum voor dagopvang van 0 tot 13 jarigen en biedt de Bestse bevolking primair ‘algemeen bijzonder’ onderwijs aan: De school is een neutrale school, d.w.z. niet speciaal aan één levensbeschouwing of geloof gebonden. Het team van het kindcentrum nodigt u van harte uit om de verschillende pagina’s van deze site te bekijken.



Lees alles over ons beleid, vakantieroosters, verlofaanvragen, etc.

Vision of learning and education

A warm educational climate: well-being comes first!

De Klimboom

The team

We want our children to enjoy coming to school: success experiences every day for every child!
We focus not only on teaching factual knowledge, but also on encouraging the skills with which children can increase their knowledge independently. Attention to music, art, dance and expression should also be included. We think it is important that the children learn a lot about the world in which they live and that treating it well (environment) is a major task. Reflection with each other is important: children learn to reflect on their own learning and in doing so may and dare to make choices.


Leerkracht groep 1/2 b

The most beautiful thing you can become is yourself!


Leerkracht groep 4a

Be unique you. Excel, shine and be colorful.


Leerkracht groep 1/2d

Start the day with a dance, start the day with a smile. He who looks cheerful in the morning, he smiles all day!


Leerkracht groep 6b

In our class, we learn something new every day and everyone does their best. We also have fun, because a day without laughter is a day not lived.


Leerkracht groep 1/2c

Life is better with some glitter, so shine when you can.


Leerkracht groep 1/2b

Enjoy and love!




Leerkracht groep 5b

Make time for what makes you happy.


Waarnemend directielid

Don't dream your life, live your dreams!


Waarnemend directielid


Leerkracht groep 4b

Gezelligheid kent geen tijd.




Vakdocent Bewegingsonderwijs

Don't compare yourself to others, but to the person you were yesterday.


Leerkracht groep 7a + iCoach

'Just' being yourself.


Leerkracht groep 1/2a

Standing still sometimes, really looking and really listening, breathing and enjoying. Because everything you give attention to grows.


Leerkracht groep 6a

The first requirement of a teacher is love and a good mood!


Leerkracht groep 3a

I've never done it before, so I think I can do it!


Leerkracht groep 1/2c

The best thing you can give a child is a chance.


Leerkracht groep 3a + ondersteuning

From happy teachers you learn the greatest things.


Leerkracht groep 5a + Stagecoach



The art of being happy lies in the power to derive happiness from the little things.


Leerkracht groep 3b

Let the little things around you color your life!


Leerkracht groep 8a

Be proud of what you have accomplished, even if you have a thousand more dreams. Make sure you also look occasionally, at how far you have come!


Leerkracht groep 8b + kwaliteitsmedewerker

Ik heb het geluk dat ik kinderen dingen mag leren, maar misschien nog wel meer geluk dat ik zelf heel veel van hen leer.




Vakdocent Bewegingsonderwijs

To be a champion, you have to believe in yourself when no one else does.


Leerkracht groep 3b

Do the things that make your heart sing!



The shortest distance between people is a smile.


Administratief medewerkster

With writing & storytelling, I like to string together connecting words on the cord of language.


Leerkracht groep 1/2d

From trying you can learn!


Leerkracht groep 4a

Music can be heard everywhere! Music makes people happy, connects, energizes and music makes memories!


Leerkracht groep 8b + Klimklas groep 6/7/8

You are good the way you are; enjoy life!


Leerkracht groep 7b

Always stay calm.


Leerkracht groep 1/2a

Children may understand with their hands. Being - Doing - Experiencing.


Leerkracht groep 7a en 7b + Rekencoördinator

Be kind to another and to yourself


Vakleerkracht Muziek




Leerkracht groep 5a


The team

The staff of Korein Kindcentrum de Klimboom.


































Looking for day care, preschool or out of school care? We would like to welcome you and your child(ren) to our childcare at Kindcentrum De Klimboom on the Paardenhei in Best. 

We offer care for children aged 0-4 years in a baby group (0-2 years) and a toddler group (2-4 years). Toddlers can also take advantage of our preschool program. During school weeks, they can play and explore with other toddlers two mornings a week from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. using theme-based activities.  

For school-aged children ages 4-13, we offer bso before and after school. During vacation weeks and study days, we are of course also there for your child. And vacations wouldn't be vacations without lots of super fun activities!

Younger children are cared for at Kindcentrum De Klimboom. Children aged 7-8 or older are cared for at our location on Gildelaan (near the athletic club).  

For more information on our rates, visit
Do you have another question? If so, please contact the Customer Advice Department. Send an e-mail to [email protected] or call 040 – 294 89 95.

Children who are comfortable in their own skin develop optimally. We consider contributing to this our most important task. By creating a warm atmosphere with plenty of personal attention. And just as important: by starting from what children can do themselves, no matter how small they are. We give your child the space to invent and discover in their own way. To clamber and climb. To take initiative. To fall down once and get up again. To laugh together. And especially to color outside the lines. Because we believe that your child will benefit from this. 

You see them grow at Korein.  

Parent council

The purpose of the Parent Council is to support the school in its educational mission from the point of view of the parents and children.
In this role, the Parent Council represents all parents of De Klimboom.
The parent council thinks along with the school on issues such as housing and traffic problems, school hours and the layout of the schoolyards. In addition, the parent council wants to be the sounding board of the parents when it comes to the policy and implementation of education.

Here the parent council does not focus on individual situations, but on the collective interest of parents under "the umbrella" of the participation council (MR). Furthermore, the parent council organizes an annual parent meeting, the field day, the end-of-year party, prepares the school calendar. The parent council also supports various activities to make education even more fun, such as ANWB Streetwise and writer in the classroom.
In doing so, the Parent Council hopes to encourage and increase parent involvement in the school. The Parent Council consists of up to 11 members, who each serve for a term of up to 6 years.

The Parent Council currently consists of:

  • Sevgi
  • Naima
  • Mirjam
  • Milou (Secretary a.i / Note-taker parent council meetings a.i)
  • Oana (Treasurer)
  • Valérie
  • Ana (Secretary a.i)
  • Rik (Chairman a.i)

Email adres: [email protected]

This form allows teachers, parents/caregivers or committees within the Klimboom to request financial support from the Parent Council for a project or theme.

By clicking on this link clicking will take you to the project application form.

Thank you in advance for your inquiry!

Would you like to contribute to making an unforgettable elementary school time a reality for your child(ren)? You can!

Our school has an involved Parent Council that works with the teachers to provide extra school activities that are often lasting memories for children; think of the introductory camps, kindergarten parties, school trips, field day, new materials to work with (such as programming software, soldering irons), English classes, extra (read aloud) books, and the school photographer to capture your child in pictures each year.

Without enough Parent Council members, it becomes difficult to organize many fun extra activities. If you just want to take a low-threshold, no-obligation look at what we're all about by attending a meeting or speaking to one of the members, contact the Parent Council, via this link you can sign up.

Parent Council annual reports are published here:

Calendar subscriptions.

This page allows you to include activities by group in your electronic (PC or mobile) calendar. By taking a subscription, the calendar will also be automatically updated as changes occur. 

The following explains how to set this up on an iPhone. 

Also provided here are the links to be used for the various agendas.

Steps for adding Subscribed Calendar on iPhone

  1. On the Iphone, go to this web page
  2. Go to the agenda link and copy it. (See list of agendas below)
  3. Next, go to Settings > Mail > Accounts.
  4. Click on New account.
  5. Choose Other.
  6. Click on Add Subscribed Calendar.
  7. Paste the link in the server field. You copied this in the second step.
  8. Click on Next > Save.

Steps for adding Subscribed Calendar on Android

  1. Go to Google Calendar on laptop or computer ( Note: not on your smartphone!
  2. Click the cog in the upper right to go to the settings .
  3. Click on "Add Calendar
  4. Select "Via URL” 
  5. Select the desired calendar link below and copy the link (right-click and choose copy link)
  6. Paste this link into the Calendar URL field of Google Calandar.
  7. Click on the button "Add Calendar“.
  8. When the calendar has been successfully added, you will be notified (you can now rename the calendar, if necessary).
  9. Ga naar de Agenda app op je Smartphone en ga naar Instellingen
  10. Selecteer de zojuist toegevoegde agenda aan Google Calendar en activeer Synchroniseren
  11. Ga terug naar het agenda overzicht en klik op Vernieuwen

Agenda links

Agenda link Klimboom Algemeen
Agenda link Groep 1 en 2
Agenda link Groep 3
Agenda link Groep 4
Agenda link Groep 5
Agenda link Groep 6
Agenda link Groep 7
Agenda link Groep 8
Agenda link Verjaardagen Klimboom
Agenda link Verjaardagen Korein

Participation council

Kindcentrum De Klimboom has a participation council, MR for short. This council consists of 6 people: three teachers and three parents. Both sections (staff and parents) have the right to consent and / or advise on various topics such as personnel policy, school plan, school guide, vacation planning, housing and spending of the parental contribution. The management asks the MR for advice on these matters before making final decisions.

The Participation Council (MR) focuses on the collective interests of employees, students and parents. In order to bring issues to the attention of the MR, it is of course useful to know who the members of the Participation Council are. We would like to introduce ourselves!

In this folder you can read more about the goals of the MR.

Anyone who would like more information about the MR or would like to bring an issue to the MR's attention can speak to one of the members or send an email to [email protected]
Kind regards,
The Participation Council

Paardenhei 1,
5685 GW Best
[email protected]

The Participation Council currently consists of:

  • Timon Nagel (Ouder)
  • Mariëlle Neggers (Parent)
  • Erwin van Nijnatten (Ouder; Voorzitter)
  • Rianne van Oirschot (Leerkracht)
  • Marco Ronken (Teacher)
  • Maartjes Smits (Leerkracht)




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