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At our school, we recognize the growing role of digital literacy in the lives of our students and society as a whole. It is our mission to prepare them for a future that is increasingly digital, striving for a balanced development of knowledge, skills and awareness of digital technologies.

Het Schoolorkest

In samenwerking met ‘Muziek040’ hebben we een eigen schoolorkest op onze school. Uit elke klas, maken kinderen die dat willen, deel uit van dit orkest.  


Children grow up in a society where there is a lot of music: music from their own youth culture, music from non-Western cultures, old and contemporary music, recreational music. Music does something to children. It puts them in a certain mood, they move with it and enjoy it. At De Klimboom we want to connect to this as much as possible. We use the method '1,2,3 Sing' with which the teachers provide their music lessons. We also have a professional music teacher within the school, who always gives the music lessons in the groups in blocks of 9 weeks.


Wijs op gebied van kunst en cultuur.

Together admire, marvel and, of course, learn and create for yourself.